Anesthesiology requires great attention to detail. So too must your disability insurance plan. As an anesthesiologist, you have to alternate between sitting and standing for extended periods, concentrating and multi-tasking. Your reflexes are essential for the patient, and often you’re on call day and night.

It's a taxing life, one that you must protect. You never know when something could render you with a disability. Hand tremors from nerve damage mean you’ll have to go from pain management to surgical anesthesia. Transitions like this aren’t overnight either. It takes training and expense to do. What would you do if you suddenly couldn’t perform your duties? Who would take care of the expenses and provide the level of income your family has come to enjoy?

Even if you are unable to work as an anesthesiologist, you may be required to work as a general practitioner to bring in an income. General insurance polices often bury this deep in the lingo to keep money in their pockets. Drs Choices however understands and respects the needs of medical professionals. We want to customize a disability insurance plan that has you covered no matter what.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tailoring a disability insurance plan. We treat every doctor and doctor in training as the unique individual they are to help them get the best coverage at the most competitive rates. You didn’t go through all this specialized training just to do any old job. You should be covered for those “what if” moments in life so that you can have full peace of mind, even if you do decide to go on and be a GP after your disability.

You should consider a disability insurance policy for anesthesiologists that includes:
- The full definition of disability for true own-occupation
- Residual benefits for partial income loss
- Adjustment rider for cost of living
- Option to increase in the future, especially if you’re just starting out
- Complete benefits for any nervous or mental conditions

Drs Choices helps anesthesiologists get the long-term disability coverage they need. Let us match you with the right policy at the most competitive rates. Protecting doctors. It’s all we do. Let us protect you today!
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