Frequently Asked Questions

With enhance true own occupation disability insurance, you get income protection that amounts to more. Should you become totally disabled from injury or illness, even if you can work in another occupation and choose to do so, you are covered if you can’t work in your specialty.

In other words, enhanced true own occupation disability is ideal for anyone in residency or starting out in a specialized field of practice. Think cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, OB/GYN, dermatologists, and radiologists. That extra coverage goes a long way to ensure you’re safeguarded for the duration of your career.

During your specialty medical career, you stand to make a great deal of money. You’ll work hard to get there, just as you worked hard to train for it. You will enjoy a refined lifestyle because of it, perhaps starting a family, owning a home, and getting the chance to vacation in faraway places.

All of that could disappear in an instant if you don’t have the right disability coverage. While true own occupation is certainly better than having any occupation disability insurance coverage, Drs Choices recommends enhance true own occupation to keep you fully covered.

As an example, a cardiologist needs steady hands to perform their miracles. If that cardiologist is later diagnosed with a nerve condition that causes their hands to shake, they can no longer perform in their trained specialty. Enhanced true own occupation disability insurance protects your specialty so that you can still continue to earn and support your family with the finer things in life and avoid spiraling into debt from mounting bills.

Are you going into a specialty medical profession? If so, contact Drs Choices today and let us protect you with enhanced true own occupation disability. Protecting doctors, it’s all we do!

At Drs Choices, we protect doctors. It’s all we do, because protecting the lives of patients is all you do. Should you suffer a long-term disability, who will take care of you?

So many new doctors come out of med school with student loans hanging in the balance and coverage from their employer. Unfortunately, that disability coverage just doesn’t cut it. It gives you any-occupation which means if you’re disabled but can still work a menial job, you can’t draw any benefits which leaves you in the lurch.

That’s where true own occupation disability insurance comes in. Drs Choices can help you secure your policy for this so that should you become disabled, you can get your benefits no matter what, even if you work somewhere else.

Those group policies from your employer or residency program don’t give you the important riders you need. With true own occupation, you’re covered no matter what “what if” comes your way down the road. There won’t be changes or cancellations and what you lock in today is what you will pay today, next month, next year, 10 years from now, 20 years from now and onward.

Cover your health, success, and finances for the future. Drs Choices helps you have full peace of mind no matter your medical specialty. Contact us today about true own disability insurance and lock in your low coverage rates!

You’re young, healthy, and have your life and medical career ahead of you. But don’t make the mistake of taking that for granted. Early on as you pursue your passion as a physician, the greatest asset you have is your ability to work and earn money. What if that were suddenly taken away?

So many things in life happen that you never expect. In just seconds, another vehicle could run a red light and crash into yours. You may go in for your annual physical and discover a hidden medical condition that would keep you from practicing in your field.

Dozens of other scenarios spring to mind. And once you have a family and have grown accustomed to the good life, all those things will be pulled right out from under you all if you don’t have disability insurance.

Drs Choices doesn’t offer cookie-cutter plans. We custom tailor them to your needs. Buy now and you’ll be able to protect your income down the road. Statistically, one in every three physicians will have a difficulty with long-term disability before the age of 65. That number is significant and stands to shake down your earning power. It will also make your debts mount and leave you destitute.

Buying now while you’re young and starting out means you lock in those lower premium rates. When insurance carriers create disability insurance packages, a key factor in determining the price of that monthly premium is age. They say age is just a number until it comes down to disability insurance coverage. Your employer likely has you covered but without a full extension of benefits that Drs Choices can get you covered for, you’ll be left out in the cold should you fall into a long-term disability. Protecting doctors, it’s all we do at Drs Choices and we’re here to protect you, your career, your family, and your finances when you buy your coverage right now.