What is True Own Occupation?

At Drs Choices, we protect doctors. It’s all we do, because protecting the lives of patients is all you do. Should you suffer a long-term disability, who will take care of you?

So many new doctors come out of med school with student loans hanging in the balance and coverage from their employer. Unfortunately, that disability coverage just doesn’t cut it. It gives you any-occupation which means if you’re disabled but can still work a menial job, you can’t draw any benefits which leaves you in the lurch.

That’s where true own occupation disability insurance comes in. Drs Choices can help you secure your policy for this so that should you become disabled, you can get your benefits no matter what, even if you work somewhere else.

Those group policies from your employer or residency program don’t give you the important riders you need. With true own occupation, you’re covered no matter what “what if” comes your way down the road. There won’t be changes or cancellations and what you lock in today is what you will pay today, next month, next year, 10 years from now, 20 years from now and onward.

Cover your health, success, and finances for the future. Drs Choices helps you have full peace of mind no matter your medical specialty. Contact us today about true own disability insurance and lock in your low coverage rates!