Why Buy Now?

You’re young, healthy, and have your life and medical career ahead of you. But don’t make the mistake of taking that for granted. Early on as you pursue your passion as a physician, the greatest asset you have is your ability to work and earn money. What if that were suddenly taken away?

So many things in life happen that you never expect. In just seconds, another vehicle could run a red light and crash into yours. You may go in for your annual physical and discover a hidden medical condition that would keep you from practicing in your field.

Dozens of other scenarios spring to mind. And once you have a family and have grown accustomed to the good life, all those things will be pulled right out from under you all if you don’t have disability insurance.

Drs Choices doesn’t offer cookie-cutter plans. We custom tailor them to your needs. Buy now and you’ll be able to protect your income down the road. Statistically, one in every three physicians will have a difficulty with long-term disability before the age of 65. That number is significant and stands to shake down your earning power. It will also make your debts mount and leave you destitute.

Buying now while you’re young and starting out means you lock in those lower premium rates. When insurance carriers create disability insurance packages, a key factor in determining the price of that monthly premium is age. They say age is just a number until it comes down to disability insurance coverage. Your employer likely has you covered but without a full extension of benefits that Drs Choices can get you covered for, you’ll be left out in the cold should you fall into a long-term disability. Protecting doctors, it’s all we do at Drs Choices and we’re here to protect you, your career, your family, and your finances when you buy your coverage right now.