Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

Radiology is a highly-specialized field, one that pays quite well. In time, the opportunity to earn millions from your expertise arises. Whether you’re still in training or have your own practice, protecting those earnings from unforeseen circumstances is the key to keeping your family free of debt should you suffer a disability.

Having a disability protection plan ensures that if you suffer an illness or disability that makes it impossible for you to perform your radiological duties, you are covered. While most radiologists already know this and have insurance, few of them realize that long-term disability isn’t usually part of the plan. That leaves them with less coverage than they need.

Drs Choices works with radiologists all over the country to help them get the coverage they need. You don’t want to be underinsured should something happen to you. Group or association policies won’t cut it and you’ll soon find yourself struggling to knock out the bills that stack up.

When you choose generic insurance, you get generic solutions to your disability claims. Drs Choices doesn’t give you a cookie-cutter approach. We give you a completely customized disability insurance package so you can practice what you love with full peace of mind.

You should consider a disability insurance policy for radiologists that includes:
- The full definition of disability for true own-occupation
- Residual benefits for partial income loss
- Adjustment rider for cost of living
- Option to increase in the future, especially if you’re just starting out
- Complete benefits for any nervous or mental conditions

Drs Choices helps radiologists get the long-term disability coverage they need. Let us match you with the right policy at the most competitive rates. Protecting doctors. It’s all we do. Let us protect you today!
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