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Your GME endorsed Individual Disability Insurance Program. You’ve worked hard for your medical training – protect your future earning and start your review today without cost or obligation.
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Emory University School of Medicine

Welcome to CFS, LLC your GME endorsed provider of disability income protection for Emory University Internal Medicine House Officers, Residents, and Fellows. Doctors and other medical professionals face unique financial challenges that traditional financial planners may not be familiar with. At CFS, LLC, we specialize in financial planning for doctors, dentists and other medical professionals.

You Have Invested Heavily in Yourself, it is Time to Protect Your Future Income
You have invested a lot of time and resources in preparing for a successful career practicing medicine. Now that you are close to graduating, it is very important to adequately protect your future income. Our Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) program can help.
The advantages of a GSI program include:
What is medical underwriting?
To obtain an individual disability insurance policy medical underwriting is required. Insurance companies have the right to go back as far back as they want for medical/ mental and nervous issues. They also have the right to obtain medical records to determine if the applicant can implement a disability policy. They also have the right to exclude medical issues and the right to put exclusions on the policy, decline the policy and rate the policy if they choose to do so. Applying for coverage under the GSI program doesn’t require any medical records, no exclusion, declines or rating of premium. Full underwriting would allow you to obtain $20,000- $30,000 of monthly benefit with the Future Increase Option (FIO) Rider
Guaranteed Standard Issue:
  • – Easy to enroll
  • – Activities such as mountain or rock climbing; motor sports events or racing (auto, truck, cycle, boat, etc.); scuba diving; skydiving; hang gliding; parachuting; and/or paragliding are not taken into consideration.
  • – The policy is a personally owned individual disability insurance policy that is completely portable to all 50 states including Canada and Mexico.
  • – Enhanced True Own-Occupation coverage with Specialty Language for Medicine.
  • – Benefits payable up to age 67
  • More than 30% Permanent Discounts which also apply to your Future Increase Option
  • – Up to $10,000 month (between the base policy and Future Increase Option Rider).
Optional Benefits Include:
  •  – Enhanced Partial Disability Rider along with a Recovery Benefit to match your benefit period (up to age 67)
  •  – 3% Compound Cost of Living Adjustment Rider
  •  – Catastrophic Disability Benefit (CAT) Rider Up to $8,000 of monthly benefit
     – Student Loan Protection rider (SLP) or Supplemental Benefit Term Rider up to $2,500 per month

Amount of coverage is based on your level of training

Final year residents & fellows within 6 months from graduation

o $5,000/month with $5,000/month Future Increase Option Rider
o $7,500/month with $2,500/month Future Increase Option Rider

Residents and Fellows not in their final year

o $5,000/month with $5,000/month Future Increase Option Rider

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