If you want confidence when choosing life insurance, whole life insurance may be for you. In exchange for continuous premium payments, whole life insurance can guarantee the payment of a death benefit to beneficiaries. Many physicians choose it simply because it gives you coverage for the length of your life when you pay your premiums in a timely fashion. Your rates are locked in from the time you create your policy. Age and health changes won’t change it, and you can build value over time for a rainy day should you need it.

Ideally, doctors that are just starting out with their residency should consider whole life insurance because it tucks money away for those you love when you’re gone, and it can help you secure a nest egg for retirement. While your income will increase over the years, your whole life insurance rates won’t.

Of course, whole life insurance for physicians allows you to provide a substantial death benefit to your loved ones. It won’t bring you back but it will ease the financial burden left behind when you’re gone. At Drs Choices, we specialize in helping you find a tailor-made whole life insurance policy that fits your whole life. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

Get Set For Your Whole Life!

Whole life insurance will have you covered for your entire lifetime. This allows you to relax and know that whether something happens to you tomorrow or not until you’re old and grey, the right people will be taken care of after your passing.

Let’s not forget your medical school bills that might cause a hardship for your spouse and children. When they’re mourning your death, you don’t want them to suddenly find out they have to pay back those outstanding debts and be left without a penny. Whole life insurance sees that they will be protected and looked after when you’re gone.

As everyone has a different situation, Drs Choices knows that no two families are alike. We offer customized whole life insurance plans that factor in short and long-term expenses so that your family won’t be left in the lurch. You can plan for college funds for your children or help your spouse have enough for retirement. We’re just a phone call away to consult with you about your whole life insurance needs as a physican

Talk to Us About Whole Life Insurance Policies Tailored to Physicians

Choose whole life insurance for physicians and you and your family will be set for your whole life and after your passing. At Drs Choices, we’re here to help you lock in your best rates now while you’re still young and healthy. Those rates won’t ever change for whole life insurance policies so take advantage now and feel confident that your loved ones will always be looked after. Drs Choices is standing by to help you plan your future and protect the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

Whole Life insurance is intended to provide death benefit protection for an individual’s entire life. With payment of the required guaranteed premiums, you will receive a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash values inside the policy. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Dividends are not guaranteed and are declared annually by the issuing insurance company’s board of directors. Any loans or withdrawals reduce the policy’s death benefits and cash values and affect the policy’s dividend and guarantees. Whole life insurance should be considered for its long-term value. Early cash value accumulation and early payment of dividends depend upon policy type and/or policy design, and cash value accumulation is offset by insurance and company expenses. Consult with your Guardian representative and refer to your whole life insurance illustration for more information about your particular whole life insurance policy.