Whether you’re still in med school or deep into your career as a cardiologist, protecting your ability to draw that high salary is critical. You’re busy caring for others, but disability insurance helps ensure you continue to have income should you suffer an injury that renders you unable to do what you do best or become too ill to practice.

You work hard to save lives and the income you earn reflects that. With that income comes the finer things in life. Houses, cars, good schools for the children, and plenty more. What would you do if your life changed in an instant? Even cardiologists aren’t immune from car accidents, sports injuries, or diseases. How would you pay for your lifestyle?

Drs Choices understands the needs of cardiologists and has specially-tailored disability insurance plans that can help protect you in the event that you lose your ability to do your job. Your specializations with interventional cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology are difficult to match which is why getting the right disability insurance is imperative. Call us to discuss the different types of disability insurance for cardiologists.

Why Every Cardiologist Needs Disability Coverage Tailored to Their Needs

General insurance companies don’t understand the intricacies of your specialties. Drs Choice is a disability insurance specialist, one that puts the right language in place to help keep you covered. With some other insurance policies, they define disability differently, often not paying out benefits if you can still function or be retrained in another occupation. Our close ties to the medical field mean that we deliberately work to protect you from this so that you’re covered and not forced to work another job in another field.

You have far too much to lose if you don’t protect the knowledge and skills you’ve worked so hard to develop as a cardiologist. Regular disability insurance won’t give you those same guarantees. Drs Choices makes sure you have a disability insurance plan that is custom-tailored to your unique needs so you get the appropriate protection throughout your cardiology career.

Your future financial situation is at risk without getting specialty disability insurance that:

  • Gives you specialty-specific definitions of disability that state if you’re ill or injured and unable to perform the material duties of your job, you can receive your benefits even if you could work another job.
  • Guarantees you the ability to buy additional monthly benefits without insurability evidence.
  • Provides a residual income rider that pays benefits proportional to the loss of income incurred from partial disability.

Our Team Helps Build Disability Insurance Plans for Cardiologists

Drs Choices specializes in creating customized solutions for cardiologists in the way of long-term disability income. We have the expertise to match you with the coverage that fits your needs for the most effective disability insurance plans with competitive rates. Learn more about disability insurance for cardiologists by contacting us today.