With skin being the largest organ, dermatologists have a lot of area to cover. You’re there for your patients when all they want is clearer skin and a lifesaver to them when skin cancer and other skin diseases arise. You save their lives. But who will be there to save you should you suffer an illness or disability that prevents you from performing your specialty?

Drs Choices will! We specialize in helping you get the disability insurance coverage you need to protect your income should something arise that keeps you from your occupation. Securing your future is a wise move, for we all know that everything can change in an instant when an accident or illness presents itself. These things have the power to put a huge financial strain on you and your family. Investing in disability insurance for dermatologists can help you avoid the negative financial impact of potential illness or injury.

Why Dermatologists Need Disability Insurance

Other types of insurance won’t pay out even if you are able to work in another field despite your disability. That’s why choosing specialized disability insurance with Drs Choices will give you confidence, allowing you to have one less worry to burden you.

We know that you need true own-occupation disability insurance to pay out benefits when you can’t work as a dermatologist despite being capable of working in another field. Our competitive rates and knowledgeable team will help you get the right provisions declared in your disability insurance and any optional riders it provides.

You should consider a dermatologist disability insurance policy that includes:

  • The full definition of disability for true own-occupation
  • Residual benefits for partial income loss
  • Adjustment rider for cost of living
  • Option to increase in the future, especially if you’re just starting out
  • Complete benefits for any nervous or mental conditions

Meet With Us to Discuss the Types of Disability Insurance for Dermatologists

Why overcomplicate things? Drs Choices can help you get the long-term disability coverage you need. Contact us to speak with a member of our team about disability insurance for dermatologists.